My name is Justyna Doherty, I am an interdisciplinary artist and designer based in
Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

My research focuses on long-term thinking, systems thinking, ecology, design
futuring, relations between the past and the future, and intergenerational trauma.

Through my work, I aim to demonstrate a commitment to long-term thinking
that seeks to guard against environmental devastation and ensure the self-
determination of future generations. To bring future thinking to the foreground,
I examine how we can assess our assumptions and open our future visions for
recollection and reconstruction.

Consequently, my work attempt to capture and enable a narrative of hope for the
future; my focus is to look ahead and ensure we are not only aware of the harm
done in the past but that we also embrace the possibility of a future informed by an
understanding of trauma and iłs lasting effects.

I hold a Master of Arts in Design for Change IADT, Ireland, and MA in Media
Education from UKSW in Warsaw, Poland. At the moment I am undertaking the
Master of Fine Arts (MFA) at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin